Christmas 1999


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all for this, the last holiday season before the calendar turns to double zero.  Although it’s not technically the last holiday season of the millennium (that comes next year), it’s the last before the year 2000, and apparently for most, that’s enough.  Although many foretell of looming disaster related to the Y2K problem, we foresee nothing worse than the normal delays you might expect with a worse-than-normal winter snowstorm.  So, stock up on milk and bread, take a few extra bucks out of the ATM, and keep copies of your bank statements.  But, don’t expect the apocalypse – it’s not happening this year.


All continues to be well in the Canterbury household.  Nancy served as a Y2K coordinator at Key Bank this year – she says relax, it’s going to be no big deal – while I continue to work at PricewaterhouseCoopers.  I have been working on a project in Bloomington, Illinois since March, which means that I leave home each Monday morning and return Thursday evening.  It actually sounds worse than it is, and Nancy and I make sure to make the most of our time together on weekends.  Our two feline friends, Brutus and Snickers, continue to be healthy.  Despite our best efforts, Brutus remains fat, weighing in at 19 pounds.


Our travel year has been quite busy once again.  We spent last Christmas in Florida, visiting Fort Lauderdale, Miami, and the Keys.  Nothing quite like singing along with the band in Sloppy Joe’s on Christmas Day, especially since it was the warmest spot in the nation that day!  In late March, we traveled to the Final Four college basketball championship in St. Petersburg, Florida, where our beloved Buckeyes acquitted themselves well, while we got in some additional beach time. 


For Memorial Day, we traveled to Chicago and spent the weekend touring the city.  In June we visited Washington, DC for a friend’s wedding.  After flying in, we headed to the car rental counter.  “Mr. Canterbury, we’re all out of midsize cars, would you like a pickup truck instead?”  Uh, no not really, we’re here for a wedding after all.  “Well, I guess you’ll have to take a Jaguar then.”  OK, I think we can live with that.  A Jaguar is a very nice car to have for a weekend…..


In July, we returned to Mammoth Cave, Kentucky, the site of our weekend first trip together over 14 years ago.  We took a three-hour Introduction to Caving course, during which we crawled around on our hands and knees in the dark, with our only light being the headlamp attached to our hard hats.  We discovered that it was fun to do – once.  We don’t understand why some people would want to do it all the time, as a hobby.  There was one reason it was nice to be a cave that particular day, however – in the cave, it was 58°, while outside it was 105°!


The big vacation this year was two weeks in HawaiiHonolulu, Maui, and Kona.  We took my parents along for their first visit to the islands, and in fact their first visit to anywhere outside North America.  We had a great time together, learning about Hawaiian culture, seeing an active volcano, and spending a lot of time at the beach, bodysurfing.  The tans have faded now, but the memories remain.


If you have the opportunity, we hope you’ll come visit us in 2000!  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Nancy and Jerry Canterbury