The Canterburys - Christmas 2007

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Jerry, Nancy, and Friend at the Pyramids of Giza, Egypt

Dear Friends,

Here’s hoping that this missive finds you merry and bright for the holiday season! The year has seen us through in fairly good health, although it’s difficult to look in the mirror and see the gray hairs becoming more and more common. But you are only as young as you feel as they say, so we refuse to grow up!

Nancy gets a haircut!


...and after!
Nancy donated the shorn hair to Locks of Love

As has become our custom, we started 2007 off with our annual New Year’s Eve pajama party with some friends at our home. It’s always a great evening of movies, snacks, and warm pajamas.

Shortly after that, we headed out to west to Phoenix to see the Ohio State football team play in the BCS National Championship Game. We had great fun on the trip, but alas the football gods were not kind that day as the Buckeyes lost to the Florida Gators. The Ohio State basketball team did quite well this past year, making it to the Final Four and to the NCAA national championship game where the Buckeyes lost to….the Florida Gators. Having not learned our lesson, we’re headed to New Orleans shortly after the coming New Year to see Ohio State play LSU in the Superdome for this year’s BCS National Championship Game. Jerry has never been to New Orleans, and Nancy has only stopped in briefly, so we’re making a week of it and plan to have a good time.

Picture from our front step one rainy Saturday morning
and sunrise from the back step one sunny Sunday.

Jerry fights jetlag in the ruins of a coliseum in Alexandria, Egypt

Meeting Dr. Zahi Hawass, Secretary General of the Egyptian Supreme Council of Antiquities

Our “big” vacation this year was to Egypt in April. It was our first visit to a predominantly Muslim country, but everything went along swimmingly. We saw the major sites, including the Pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx, as well as Alexandria, Luxor, the Valley of the Kings and Valley of the Queens, Abu Simbel, Thebes, Edfu, and Karnak. We met with Dr. Zahi Hawass, a preeminent and well-known archeologist; he’s on the History Channel a lot. The trip was also quite relaxing, as a major part of the journey was a cruise down the Nile between some of these historic sites. The features we saw were certainly some of the oldest ever built by man and it’s difficult to conceive that they completed all this in ancient times. Although it wasn’t too hot, there was no question we were in the desert; at one point in the trip, our flight was delayed about six hours due to a sandstorm. Contrary to what some might expect, we didn’t encounter any anti-America hostility. In fact, we got more than a few thumbs-up from the locals, and a few statements of “Americans good, we love Americans!” We did find a huge – huge – security presence, as there were “tourist police” everywhere we looked, and our tour group also got a police escort on occasion. We also took a short ride on a camel, mostly to say we’d done it. The trip was exceptional for another reason as well, as on this trip we set foot on our 7th continent, Africa!

Making Friends in Egypt
We also took a long weekend trip in July to Rehoboth Beach, Delaware for the wedding of Tiffany Carver, a beautiful young woman we’ve known since we lived in Delaware in the late 1980s. We had a nice weekend seeing some old friends and staying in a lovely bed-and-breakfast a couple blocks from the ocean. On our way home, we stopped in Maryland to visit a friend we met on our Machu Picchu trip last year, Cyndi Reynolds and her husband. We also visited Washington, DC to see the World War II Memorial on the National Mall, which was built in the time since we lived in the Washington area ourselves. It is quite an impressive monument to the heroes of the 1940s.

Cleveland has an annual event called “Tackle the Tower” we’ve done a number of times, including this year, where you pay for the privilege of climbing the stairwell of a tall building as a fundraiser for Ronald McDonald House. We do it for the uniqueness and challenge of the event. This year, we found that the World Wildlife Fund has a similar event each April, but this one is in the CN Tower – the world’s tallest tower – in Toronto, Canada. There were 1476 steps to climb, but we both made it – then took a long nap for the rest of the day!

It may seem like all we do is attend sporting events, but that’s not the case. However there is one more sports-related story for the year, as the Cleveland Indians – the same team that once lost 100 games in a season and was the sad-sack protagonist of the Major League movies came within a game of making the World Series. We attended the game with Jerry’s father and brother and other friends. We had tickets to see a World Series game in Cleveland too, but alas there was to be no such game played this year.

ON the Pyramid

Spelling O-H-I-O with fellow Ohio State alumni

At the Winter Palace in Luxor

Nancy gets some Egyptian makeup

At this point in time, Nancy is on a brief medical leave from work. Her hands and wrists have bothered her for some time, so she elected to have carpal tunnel surgery to help with that problem. She has two surgeries, one on each hand, scheduled three weeks apart. So far she’s done well and believes the treatment is working well for her. When she goes back to work, she will still be at Key Bank as she has been for a number of year